Buy and sell privacy-friendly advertising in iOS apps

The iOS advertising platform that doesn't track users.

Not Evil Ad running at the top of a blurred music player interface. Ad shows a man holding headphones next to text saying to get 5% off in store
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For marketers & advertisers

Partner with apps your customers love

Sponsoring an app lets you have complete control over where your brand is being positioned. You negotiate the rate, duration and design of the ad to resonate with your target audience. Build a relationship with your audience before they become your customers.

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For publishers & developers

Sustainable income on your terms

Now you can monetise your app without compromising user privacy. Sponsorships are agreed between you and the advertiser, so you decide what gets advertised in your app. As your app grows, so do your sponsorship opportunities.

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For everyone else

Privacy you can trust

Not Evil Ads collects no aggregated user data. The ads you see are based on the target audience for the app, not data on you.

Help build better advertising.

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